It's An Art, Tearing Everything Apart

First Draft 
Intent sometimes got lost, this was not news for her - but it still made her feel a pang of guilt at the end of the day. For instance, she had every intent of reaching out to Greyson within a couple of days of their fateful run-in and the revelation of their (however briefly) shared history. Then Cordelia happened. Then Nolan happened. Then that horror show of a night happened.

Needless to say, it had ended up being a couple of weeks before she could truly set aside the time and the mental space for coffee and casual conversation, between work and all the wildfires that were popping up in her life left and right. Still, it was a welcomed reprieve from the battlefield - something to look forward to that had the promise of being lighthearted in comparison.

She had arrived early to secure the both of them a halfway decent table inside of First Draft, waiting for the time being to grab herself a coffee lest she seem rude when her companion made their entrance. Eager to (discretely) discuss their common experiences, to talk shop about Mountainside and to just get a better of feel of the aspiring boutique owner.

Slowly but surely her confidence and dedication to a soft wisp of an idea was strengthening - a fire that she was eager to fan. Coffee and small talk would be a wonderful way to christen that particularly rocky path.


They were a little overdue on their coffee date, but it hardly mattered. Greyson had been preoccupied with the arrival of a friend and since she'd still had to work on the regular her days and evenings had been busy. When Yana had texted, however, Grey made sure to push things around on her calendar in order to make the meeting happen. A place in Larkspur had been suggested. It was close enough to home yet it was convenient and easy to get to. The perfect place.

She'd lived in San Fransisco. When she said she'd seen a lot of unique places, she meant it. But First Draft? One foot inside the door and she already knew this place held a sort of charm she hadn't seen anywhere before. Half coffee shop, half brewery. That part wasn't new. It was the art gallery on the lower levels and the complete bookstore upstairs that added a new sort of magic to the place. A bit shell shocked, it took someone walking in behind her for Greyson to move out of the doorway and remember why she was here. Yana. She was meeting Yana.

Grey headed towards the coffee bar and spied Yana at a table. She moved to greet the woman. "Hi. Good to see you again. Would you like to grab coffee?" She pointed towards the counter. It seemed like the most obvious first thing to do. "Can I get you something?"

When she caught sight of the other, she got to her feet - partially out of manners, somewhat out of habit by this point. A grin at the greeting, a quick nod of her head "Good to see you again, I'm glad we could both find the time to catch up." Glancing about to survey how busy it was, to try to gauge how quickly they would lose their spot if she were to accompany her to the counter. "No need, I'll come with - thank you though." Worst case scenario - the weather was halfway decent if Greyson would prefer to stay in motion. But from her general assessment it wouldn't be necessary, it wasn't too terribly crowded.

Moving towards the counter once she slung her bag back over her shoulder, skimming over the menu as though she didn't know exactly what she was going to order. "How have you been? How's the boutique treating you?" Finding it was always beneficial to be specific in such niceties, that it put a bow on casual conversation and did a fair job to elevate it in her favor in general. A medium coffee - two sugars, no cream. Stepping to the side once she had paid so that the other woman could do the same.

"Yes! Thanks for suggesting this place. It's amazing. Who knew Larkspur held such a gem?"

She waited for Yana to gather up her things before they headed over to order their coffee. Grey waved her ahead, signaling for her to go first. Greyson needed a while longer with the menu. She knew coffee, but every place had a slightly different setup with various verbiage that differed from one place to another. Ohh! They had special blends too. Options.

"Non-fat black and white mocha. Light on the cream." She put in her order and paid. When that was through she stepped aside to wait for her drink and continued their light small talk.

"All is well. Staying busy." That was the gist of it, really. "Always on the look out for new clients and styles. Keeps me on my toes." She shrugged and kept it non committal. "What about you? How's that blouse treating you?"

"I try to promote the gems when and where I can." Muttering a thank you to the woman on the other side of the counter who slid over her coffee. Picking up the cup and raising it to her mouth to get a sense of just how hot it was - definitely could stand to sit for a minute or two a least. Lowering it back down and glancing sideways to the table that was still vacant before she went to set her things back down.

Staying busy. Well, at least they had even more common ground from which to hopefully build some yet defined correspondence.

"The blouse is, you might be happy to hear, an office wide success story. I've made sure to field any compliments towards you and the boutique you mentioned." For once at least, not an outright manipulation - she had received a good deal of compliments over the blouse all together. And in turn that had only helped to make her all the more hell bent on keeping herself in the good graces of the stylist.

Taking the same chair as before, she finally ventured to try the coffee, glancing down at the cup before nodding her approval. "Like I said, local gem." Setting it back down carefully then and surveying her coffee companion for the day before she dared to press forward. "I know you mentioned San Francisco ... do you know Isolde Casarez?"

"I'm glad it's working out," she said in regards to the the blouse. "Thank you for the referrals." Grey lingered as Yana went to find them another table. Her own drink required a little more work in its creation so she waited for it to be ready before she moved to join the woman with her newly obtained coffee.

They reoccupied the same table. The shop wasn't terribly busy. She set her coffee down on the table top and had to admire the lotus pattern in the foam. Some barista was talented. Greyson glanced behind the counter, hoping to remember the face of the young woman who'd served them.

She waved a hand over the steam. Habit mostly. She wasn't sure the motion actually cooled the coffee any faster, but one could always hope. Greyson listened as Yana began to speak of SF again. Her eyes lifted, her hand resting back on the table as she considered the information. "I couldn't say. The name doesn't ring a bell, but I'm a visual person. I remember faces better than names."

Grey paused for a moment before adding, "Is she someone I should know?"

It was of little to no consequence of course, if Greyson recognized the name or not - the situation remain unchanged. But a small part of her felt a faint tinge of disappointment regardless, having hoped that she would have had some connection to the woman in question. Look at that, the gang's all here - while we're having this reunion ... Oh well, there was more than one way to skin a ca- no, bad metaphor for current circumstances.

"Not particularly - I was just curious if you two had bumped into one another, she's a good friend of mine who's just moved up. Her, and Nolan Lehner?" Despite all her pretense, her face inevitably falling a bit at the mention of that name, glancing across the table to Greyson. "Anyway, I was just curious. It seems fate is determined to keep bumping some of us against one another." Sipping her coffee now and glancing down at the cup, it was good and strong - definitely a gem she would have to make a point to revisit in the future.

Despite the remark, she personally didn't put too much stock into the idea of fate - a concept that made her eyes roll into the back of her head. That was Cordelia's domain, the realm of the inevitable and predestined, as far as she was concerned things were determined by how you played them.

"Maybe we should all catch up sometime, hmm?" It was a soft idea, not meant to put the red head on the spot as she pressed forward. "How goes the boutique search, I remember you mentioned hoping to own - any promising spaces?"

More people she should know. More faces she might remember. Greyson felt something like what a person with amnesia might. All these questions. All these things this woman seemed disappointed to learn weren't quite resonating with Grey in a way she might have wanted. The woman Isolde? If she had a face maybe. As for the man? Unless Greyson had slept with him? No. Not likely. "Are these people you intend to introduce me to?" she asked instead, poising her own question as opposed to letting Yana lead this conversation down a dead-end road.

She felt very much on the outside of a larger picture looking in. It wasn't a fun place to be. Of knowing there was something crawling just beneath the surface, but uncertain as to what it was exactly. She'd played that game when she'd first discovered her beast. She had no particular interest in playing these guessing games. "Why all of these questions?" she asked instead, lifting her saucer of coffee to her lips and taking a sip. She set the mug back down before continuing. "You don't seem like a woman who enjoys chasing her own tail. Something tells me you prefer to cut to the quick."

They were getting somewhere - slow and arduous as the path that she was taking may have been. A scenic route to results, hopefully in her favor although that remained to be seen. Surprised enough to let slip past the quirk of a brow when Greyson seemed to move to cut that winding pathway down, to trim the fat off the conversation all together. The corners of her mouth tugged upwards, raising an index finger to pardon herself as she went for another sip of her coffee before she dared an answer. Pressing her lips together and watching the other woman a moment longer before she moved to sit up a bit straight in her seat and lean into the table between them.

"It is my personal preference, but I try to be accommodating when and where I can to other people and their potentially delicate sensibilities. However, if you'd prefer, I would love to cut the crap and talk shop." Present circumstances didn't allow her the luxury of speaking too candidly, but that was more of an inconvenience rather than an outright issue at that point.

Taking only the time necessary to arrange her words in a fashion that made sense, she drummed her fingers along the ceramic of the mug and kept her legs underneath the chair as she tried to finalize the best course of action. "You, Nolan, Isolde, and myself - we have very similar lifestyles, as mentioned. I want to pursue something for that, a club - if you will." Respectful of Were law and avoiding any words that would snag wandering ears, at least as far as she could imagine.

"I don't know if you have the time or interest for something like that, but it's my intention one way or the other. Perhaps along the way it could end up beneficial for the both of us, outside of the obvious." Shrugging her shoulder and taking another drink as she watched the other woman from over the rim of her mug to try to gauge how receptive she may have been to the idea.

Here she was trying to speed the process along and Yana lifted a finger to put her on hold. Greyson lifted a perfectly groomed brow and watched as Yana took her time in enjoying a rather long sip of her coffee. A sigh escaped Grey and she resigned herself to much the same. If they were going to take a brief pause to enjoy their drinks she might as well partake in the moment.

The mocha was fine as far as black and white mocha's went. If she came back to First Draft, she'd likely order it again out of habit. For the time being, she sipped, set her saucer down, and listened as Yana agreed to cut the crap and talk shop. "Please do," she insisted. It would save them both time if they skipped the pleasantries and spoke as plainly as they could given their very public setting.

The ball was in Yana's court. Greyson resumed her sipping as she waited for Yana to string up the words she wished to say. Eventually, the woman complied and unveiled her pursuit of a Coalition in these parts. In saying it, a lightbulb flashed within Grey's head. All the little pieces of the puzzle were starting to fall together.

"I could entertain the notion," she replied. It wasn't a full-fledged committal, but she could humor the idea of it while Yana continued to unravel the nuances that would be necessary for her to achieve her goal. Of which, Grey had an inkling as to why so much emphasis had been placed on her personal aspirations to own a boutique, but she knew from experience that it was best not to assume. "Do continue."

The idea of the would-be business owner at least willing to entertain the notion for the time being was really all that she had went in hoping to hear. In reality, it probably would have been worth taking pause to reassess if Greyson had agreed blindly to it on a whim. The sort of behavior she had come to expect from Cordelia but did not necessarily want to see in anyone she hoped to offer any real measure of power to, especially not this early on in their understanding of one another.

"Lovely, just what I was hoping to hear." Completely sincere this time as she looked about as discretely as possible to make sure that they were still in the clear from the looks of things at least. "Well, as I am sure you can imagine - a lot goes into making a club that's appealing ..." A path she already knew would be daunting and no doubt arduous at times, but one she was hellbent to set herself on with recent complications and changes in mind. "Needless to say Rome wasn't built in a day and I won't be picking up our team shirts from the printer's tomorrow." Fairly confident the disclaimer was an unnecessary one but having a suspicion that being as transparent as possible would be in the best interest going forward.

"I would love to give you everything I have in mind if you'd be so inclined to listen - our ... group activities and such. But I suppose we can go ahead and aim for the throat of the issue and get it over with, hm?" Sitting up a bit straighter and laying her palms flat on the table as she scooted her chair in a bit closer. "We'll need a place to meet up of course, and my home is less than ideal as you can imagine. However, if we could find a business that would let us use their space after hours? That would be nice. Perhaps something like a boutique, were we to come across a owner of one who would be so generous."

She entertained herself with sipping at her coffee as she listened to Yana speak on a certain subject in code. As a Were, one learned to pick up on such context clues and apply them as necessary to various conversations when in the presence of burning ears. She knew them. Recognized them. In her own way, she also appreciated them. It was like being in some sort of secret club... which it was. Some club which, she was thankful, Yana did not want to make team t-shirts. Grey could only imagine how terribly tacky they might be.

"Firstly, thank god you're passing on the t-shirts." She was still cringing over the idea. "Secondly, please do." Get it over with. Their rather aggressive, predatory analogies for getting to the point of things did not go unnoticed. Yana was striking her as a woman with a lot of presence who demanded a lot of authority. That much was clarified as her plans unfolded. She wanted a place where this small group she wished to start could meet. Grey wanted to own a boutique of her own. If the two needs could somehow blend, she could see where their needs could be mutually beneficial to one another. A symbiotic relationship, so-to-speak.

Greyson lifted her mug to her lips, sipped, and set the mug back down. "As much as I would love to be the owner of said 'Boutique', that requires funds which are not currently at my disposal. However. If you had any interest in assisting in the procurement of such a location, I'm sure we could design a space that would suit both of our needs." She ran a finger around the lip of the mug, quiet as she let her proposal linger for a bit. "Is there a particular part of town you're preferential towards?"

"Ownership terms could be discussed further down the line if a party shows interest." A quick elaboration of her chosen words, reluctant to hash out details before they had set the foundation. Mindful as it were to avoid promises she was confident might come back to bite her at some point or another. "While I respect those with the mind for it, I don't pretend to be a businesswoman. If I helped to supply the funds for such an endeavor, I am sure me and the owner proper could come to some sort of mutually agreeable arrangement in regards to percentages, responsibilities, freedom of the space, all those tedious details."

If it came to fruition, she had every intention of allowing her the creative slack to stock the space a she saw fit - but saying so outright felt careless then and there. Like a woman casting a wide net, a net that felt desperate - she didn't like to look desperate.

Tapping her nails on the mug now as she mulled over the idea of location, as if it weren't a thought she had ever paused to entertain before. "Needless to say, not in the sticks. I've found that some areas of interest are more ... over saturated than others. I quite like that strip we bumped into one another at, I could see a lot of room for growth. But that would require some elbow rubbing. so I've heard." On the fence still at the thought of networking with another group, reluctant to go into anything blind and steadying her hand with that very much so in mind. Rome was not built in a day, words that had looped in her head for weeks now as she prepared to play the long game.

"At any rate, if you were to own a spot, hypothetically of course, where would you imagine to be lucrative?" She'd wavered as it were - more or less settled between the idea of assigning herself to the daunting task of trying to navigate some sort of dealing in Larkspur or the well-off demographic that Belle Vista could possibly provide.

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