I Got Nine Lives and I Won't Waste Another

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Beta Were → Alpha Were

• Four threads with four different Were's of the same species:
  1. Devoted— Cordelia Novik
  2. A Patient Hunter— Stella Altair
  3. Blood n' Bone—Juniper Kwon
  4. The Wretched and Joyful—Cayden Shepard
• Three threads with a Vampire:
• Three threads with a Psychic:
Have two threads where your character is utilizing their hybrid form for a minimum of three posts:
Have two threads where your character is sparring or fighting another Were (must have a minimum of 5 rounds):
Have one thread where your character attempts to turn a Human or Psychic into a Were:
  1. That Which Lurks in the Deep— Garrett Braxton

Join/Start a group.
See Spot Run— Cheetlicious, ya'll.

Earn a rank or role.
PRINCESS: August 15th

Be active with your role for at least 3 consecutive months:
  1. September 15th
  2. October 15th
  3. November 15th

Have two threads where your character participates in an activity with 2 or more members of your group. Group must already be established. Activity must include something where they can express themselves as a Were and do not have to hide what they are:

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Common Were → Beta Were

Survive Three Full Moons — (3/3)
  1. April 11th
  2. May 10th
  3. June 9th

Have 10 Threads with a Were—(10/10)
  1. Don't Complicate This Some things can be solved with fists. (Leopard)
  2. Down On The West Coast They Got A Sayin' What not to wear with a were. (Cheetah)
  3. You Can Run But You Can't Hide Reunited and it feels so ... troublesome. (Cheetah)
  4. It's An Art, Tearing Everything Apart Coffee and conversation. (Cheetah)
  5. Bad Apple I'll bring the wine, you bring the muscle. (Cheetah)
  6. Don't Kill My Vibe How you been, cupcake? (Leopard)
  7. Queen of the Gas Station You're a what? (Wolf)
  8. Keep It Skinny Coffee and cats, cats and coffee. (Cheetah)
  9. And the Hits Keep On Coming Hey Mister, she's my sister. (Cheetah)
  10. Iron Man Red, white, and blue? Yellow and spotted. (Cheetah)

Join a Were group (if applicable) — (0/1)

Start to shift and then reverts back before the shift's completion — (1/1)
Simmer on Low — The joy and struggle of cooking (with Charlie Brown).

Struggle to hide what they are from a non-Were — (1/1)
Artificial Heart — Mind your own business or get the football pulled out from under you.

Learn more about what it means to be a Were — (1/1)
WILDCARD, BITCHES! (Advertisement contest - 06/20)



Include names and link to 3+ threads where they agreed to join. — (3/3)
  1. Bad Apple Isolde Casarez
  2. Fish 'n Grits Marshal Tucker
  3. To Connect and Conquer Cayden Shepard
  4. Over Easy Zoe Thorpe
Have 3 threads where your character is scouting a territory — (3/3)
  1. Coming Up On Your Radar Isolde Casarez
  2. Bury Me Face Down Cayden Shepard
  3. Walk in the Wild Marshal Tucker


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